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Eclipse Idaho Wilderness 2017


Positioned on the southern fringe of the largest expanse of wilderness left in the continental United States, Sun Valley’s surroundings are unmatched. Its peripheral landscapes mirror the fickle qualities of uncertainty, the pinnacled unconformities of might, and the delicate hues of flowering colors so vast. Best known for the most awesome alpine skiing on earth, Sun Valley offers so much more. To Sun Valley’s north lie the largest tracts of virgin forests, most un-scaled mountains, and the largest stretches of individual mountain ranges in the lower 48.  The longest and the wildest wilderness rivers in the continental United States also survive here rendering more than 3,500 miles of floatable water.  With hundreds of peaks topping the 10,000-foot mark and over 10,000 pristine unspoiled alpine lakes, if one were rendered dozen lifetimes, not all could be seen.  This site is only a minuscule attempt at introducing these most incredibly beautiful and seldom seen portions of our Earth known as CENTRAL IDAHO.  This site will also introduce you to some of the Earth’s most spectacular mountainous reaches. 

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