Not hundreds, but thousands of miles of trails and remote roads intersect, connect, dissect and traverse Sun Valley’s voluminous craggy surrounding, making it a world-class venue for mountain bikers from around the globe. Both trails and roads provide admission to many distant central Idaho mountains and canyons whose omnipotent edifices embody some of the planet’s most striking vistas. Visits to stunning solitary trout-filled alpine lakes and wildflower-filled meadows amid glistening clear sparkling streams can be the reward to those who dare to venture. However, before exploring Sun Valley’s wilderness-laden surroundings on a mountain bike, please become educated. First, be aware of where you can and cannot take a mountain bike. Unfortunately, over the last few years, more and more trails are being closed to central Idaho mountain biking enthusiasts because of a relatively few individuals who have refused to respect and ride in a considerate and environmentally conscience manner. By following some of these simple rules, you can keep many of these trails open and environmentally in sync with central Idaho’s unprecedented wilderness ambiance. Do not ride in regions that are closed to mountain bikes and motorized vehicles. Remember, because of low funding in some central Idaho ranger districts, signs specific to mountain bike users have not been posted, and in MOST instances “No Motorized Vehicle” markers signify no mountain bike use. When riding, try not to leave tire tracks. Avoid riding after rainy periods, or in the spring following snow melt. Always walk your bike around boggy or wet regions, and never ride through rivers or streams. Never ride off the trail or the roads. Delicate areas at high altitudes can sometimes take years to reclaim their prior origins. Respect all other trail and road users by yielding the right of way to everyone. Become especially aware of horses who are sometimes spooked by the sight of a mountain bike and attentive to wildlife or any livestock you encounter. Now that the rules are out of the way, it is time to enjoy and explore central Idaho’s many mountain biking trails.

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