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Archie’s Celebration of Life will be June 8th, 2019 at the Pocatello, Country Club off Bannock Highway at 6:00 p.m. A small memorial will proceed this celebration at the Pocatello Cemetery.  Please RSVP below if you plan to attend. 

Archie W. Service passed away in the presence of family and friends at his home in Pocatello, Idaho on March 3, 2019, at the age of ninety-two.   

Archie is survived by his twin sons, David and Basil Service and, his grandson, Cameron Service.   Archie’s extreme zest and passion for life are evidenced by a life-long dedication to family, public service, travel, adventure and his sixty-six years as a dedicated Idaho Attorney. While one of Archie’s favorite sayings was “one word from me and then, everyone did as they pleased,” the reality was the opposite, everyone did listen to Archie because his wisdom and knowledge were often unsurpassed.  Those who know Archie always spoke of his personable trustworthy and competent professionalism, who was always willing to lend a hand. 

A life-long resident of Pocatello, he was born in September of 1926 to Walter and Edna Service. Archie graduated from Pocatello High School where he was Student Body President of the class of 1944.  Upon Graduation, Archie enlisted in and served two years in the United States Naval Reserve during the 2nd World War where he was stationed on the Pacific Island of Guam serving as an electrician and receiving an overseas ribbon.  After being honorably discharged, Archie then attended both Idaho State University and Stanford University where he received his bachelor’s degree.   Archie then enrolled in the College of Law at the University of Idaho and while there was associated with the Phi Alpha Delta professional fraternity and in 1953 was awarded a Juris Doctor degree (JD).  Except for a short period as a part-time judge on the Shoshone-Bannock reservation, Archie practiced law as a private practitioner with fellow attorneys Jim Green, Clark Gasser, Ron Kerl, Jim Spinner, Hon. Rick Camaroli and Hon. Jim Papas.  In 1953 Archie was admitted to the Idaho and US District Courts, and in 1956 was admitted to the US Tax Court and the United States Supreme Court.  In 1962 Archie served as the Sixth District Bar President and from 1978 thru 1979 President of the Pocatello Estate Planning Counsel.   In 2003 Archie received the Sixth District Bar Professional award and was recognized by the Idaho State Bar for 50 years in the practice of law. In 2018, Archie was again recognized by the Idaho State Bar for 65 years in the practice of law.   From 1959 to 1964 Archie served as Chairman of the Lava Hot Springs Foundation and from 1978 thru 1979 was Treasurer of the Bannock Memorial Hospital Board.   In 1979 Archie was appointed by fellow Stanford University Graduate and Idaho Governor John V. Evans as a member of the Idaho State Board of Health and Welfare where he served three times as its chairman till 1987. 

Prior to Archie’s appointment the depatment of Health and Welfare was having legal issues with Hustler Magazine involving a pending lawsuit.  Upon Archie’s appointment, Hustler Magazine reciprocated by counter-suing the Department and Archie.  When asked what he immediately intended to do about the pending litigation he replied,” I asked all my employees in the department to cancel their subscriptions to Hustler Magazine.”  When comparing life experiences with family and friends Archie often remarked, “Well, have you ever been sued by Hustler Magazine?”

From 1986 through 2006, Archie was a Fellow in the American College of Trust and Estate Council and was a Director of the Downey State Bank.   Member and past President of the Juniper Hill Golf and Tennis Club, Archie was also a Pocatello Rotary member, Pocatello Chiefs (city leader) member and enjoyed playing the piano.  In September of 1957, Archie married Anastasia Dokos, and they remained married until her death on July 3, 2010.   

Archie was a mentor to many Idaho lawyers both within and out of his law firm.  He was a shining example of expertise and civility and among the best examples of what an Idaho lawyer should be.   Archie enjoyed traveling the world and especially enjoyed traveling to his second home in Sun Valley Idaho where he skied, fly-fished, hiked, climbed, biked and played tennis and golf. 

Archie was a fervent admirer of the outdoors and often went on multi-day outings in the Idaho Wilderness.  Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness, Sawtooth Wilderness, Pioneer Mountains and the White Cloud Wilderness were some of his favorite destinations.  Unfortunately, to the dismay of his many sleeping companions in the tent, his snoring was legendary.  Often Archie would awake fully rested to an abandoned tent. Frequently, those who spent the night in the Idaho Wilderness with Archie said they had to locate a ¼ mile’s distance from him to get a proper night’s rest.  An ardent lover of music, Archie never missed a Jazz Festival in Sun Valley, Idaho.  

Archie will be missed by all who cherished and adored his unique and endearing personality.

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