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Deo was a RESCUED Dog from the streets of Pocatello, Idaho and he departed this world in June of 2007.  After nearly 20 years of an extremely adventurous, daring and rambunctious life, his merits to an extensive rest were deservedly long over due.   Deo’s ashes are placed on the northerly slopes of an unnamed mountain lake, whose precipitous nameless peaks feed a waterfall riddled isolated canyon in Central Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness.  If by chance you should stumble upon Deo’s paradise of rest, know his spirit and love of life veil these pinnacled surroundings with a passion known by few.  Deo’s impressions upon my life conveyed a closeness, enthusiasm and camaraderie that will be always cherished and never forgotten.  My love of his strength, adoring persona and unbridled zest for life will forever endear in the being of my existence and he will, for all eternity, be my best friend.


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